How to reach Teramo

By plane

The nearest airports are in Pescara and Rome. The airports and the town of Teramo are connected by buses.

Abruzzo Airport:

Rome Airport:

By car

From Rome: A24 Roma-Teramo.

From Naples: A1 towards Rome. Then A24 Rome-L'Aquila-Teramo.

From Milan: A1 to Bologna, then A14 Bologna-Bari towards Bari and exit at Mosciano Sant'Angelo - Teramo.

From Bari: A14 Bologna-Bari towards Bologna and exit at Mosciano Sant'Angelo - Teramo.


By train

The nearest railway with heavy traffic is to Giulianova. From there take bus or train to Teramo.



By Bus

Teramo is well connected with Rome, L 'Aquila and Pescara.


These companies provide interregional and local connections:


The local transport company is Staur To reach the Campus use buses Line 6 and Line 7 at this timetable

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