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Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law combines the best formative traditions of legal degree courses with innovation requirements that scientific, technological and communicative development imposes on law and legal sciences. A unique degree course in Environmental Law is offered.


Floriana Cursi
phone no.: +39.0861.266351

Dean Secretariat
Campus Coste Sant'Agostino - 64100 Teramo
phone no.: +39.0861.266098



Faculty of Political Science

The Faculty, through the integration of teaching areas coming from different scientific backgrounds (legal, historical, political, philosophical, economic, sociological, statistical and linguistic), offers its students the possibility of vocational training permitting for an appropriate introduction in multiple professional environments, especially at executive level. In recent years, the faculty has seized opportunities given by the university reform by updating didactics, research and services for students.

Enrico Del Colle
phone no.: +39.0861.266000

Dean Secretariat
Campus Coste Sant'Agostino - 64100 Teramo
phone no.: +39.0861.266002


Faculty of Communication Science

The Faculty of Communication Sciences incorporates successful experiences gained through the communications area of the University, being aware of the importance of the core aspect of communications in our modern day culture. The interest of today's youth for the world of communications is not just a passing thought but a conscious search for current knowledge in a rapid and sometimes chaotic transformation and therefore able to orient towards a multicultural and globalised world.

Stefano Traini
phone no.: +39.0861.266012

Dean Secretariat
Campus Coste Sant'Agostino - 64100 Teramo
phone no.: +39.0861.266014



Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Teramo provides for the vocational training of its students geared towards competition and performance distinguishing them within the Italian and European working force. The Faculty has set up a degree course in Animal Welfare and Protection, for the training of students to become specialists in the welfare of wild animals, pets and animal-based products. Instead, the second level degree course in Veterinary Medicine prepares students with the ability to prevent and cure animal disease, the management of rearing production animals and with the knowledge of consumer and environmental protection. There is also a degree course in Biotechnologies (together with the Faculty of Agriculture) and a second level degree course (interfaculty with the "Gabriele D'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara) in Reproductive Biotechnology.

Pier Augusto Scapolo
phone no.: +39.0861.266902

Dean Secretariat
phone no.: +39.0861.266928



Faculty of Bioscience and Agro-Food and Environmental Technology

This Faculty aims at training students for the specialization of the production and distribution of food from animal and vegetable origin. They will become professionals who meet the demands of the international market that has made necessary a qualitative leap in the food industry. Included is also the degree course in Viticulture and Oenology that provides a certification as oenologist.

Dario Compagnone
phone no.: +39.0861.266942

Dean Secretariat
Via Carlo R. Lerici 1
64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Te)
phone no.: +39.0861.266908


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