Admission requirements for foreign students


1) In order to be admitted to the Second-cycle Degree or Master of Science (M.Sc.) Course in Reproductive Biotechnologies all applicants must possess a bachelor (1st cycle) degree (3-years) or other qualifications obtained abroad in the field of biotechnologies, life sciences or medicine, that are recognized as an equivalent, in accordance with current legislation. In detail, graduates, undergraduates planning to graduate during the current academic year, and those who obtained their degrees abroad are eligible to enroll, provided that the degree is officially accredited, in accordance with the educational requirements listed below:

Bachelor’s/first level or Master’s/second level degree belonging to the following categories:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnologies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Livestock science and animal production technologies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Techniques
  • Master’s Degree in Life Sciences
  • Master’s Degree in Medical, veterinary and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies
  • Master’s Degree in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy
  • Master’s Degree in Medicine
  • Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine


2) In order to be admitted to Reproductive Biotechnologies, applicants must have scientific knowledge of the following indispensable disciplines and relative methodologies: Cytology/Histology; Cellular physiology and Cell culture; Biochemistry and Molecular biology; Applied and Medical Genetics.

For students not English native speakers, at least B1 level or equivalent (e.g. Academic IELTS or TOEFL / iBT) of English language is requested. 


3) The appropriate and adequate knowledge, skills and abilities of the applicants in the above indicated disciplines (Cytology/Histology; Cellular physiology and Cell culture; Biochemistry and Molecular biology; Applied and Medical Genetics; English level B1) will be verified by a written assessment tests (multiple choices, true/false o open questions).

The test assessment is made of n. 50 multiple choice/true/false or open questions. The test is evaluated by the Board of Quality Assurance Committee of the Master Degree Programme.

The test is carried out in a room of the Faculty of Biosciences, located at the University campus, Coste Sant'Agostino – Teramo that may vary according to the availability.

Registered participants will be informed accordingly.


4) To support the applicants the course staff organizes specific Preparatory courses concerning the above mentioned disciplines, before the Test assessment.


Preparatory courses will be held from 14th October 2019 (see program on the website). 


Date of test assessment (Academic Year: 2019-2020):

Tuesday 12 November 2019 at 15:00 pm (registration at


5) Subsequently to the test, it will be held a week of Open Lab (see program on the website).


6) Detailed information concerning the knowledge required in the above mentioned disciplines and all information concerning the Assessment test will be available in advance on the course website.


7) Non-EU citizens resident abroad who do not have an Italian residence permit, must also submit a formal pre-application request to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, by the established deadline which is established annually. The number of places available for this kind of student (reserved quotas) is established every academic year and is published on the website of MIUR (the Ministry of University and Research).


8) Non-EU citizens resident abroad are exempted from taking the Italian language exam, since the Degree Course is entirely taught in English.


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