Insegnamenti/Course structure diagram

First Year

Structure and Function of the Reproductive system 10

Andrology I 6

Molecular markers in Reproduction 12

Biology of gametes, IVM and IVF Techniques 11

Cryobiology 11


Embryology 6

Scientific Communication, part I 3

Totale crediti del primo anno 59

Second Year

Diagnostic Histology Applied to Cells and Tissues of the Reproductive System 5

Andrology II 6

ICSI Procedure and Advanced Techniques in Medically-Assisted Procreation 6

Legislation and Bioethics in Medicine of Reproduction 6

Genetics of Human Reproduction 10

Scientific Communication, part II 3

Elective Courses/elective credits 8

Internship 5

Final examination 12

Totale crediti del secondo anno 61

Elective Teaching/Learning Activities

Angiogenesis and reproduction 3

Developmental and reproductive toxicology 5

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