Food Science and Technology 16/17

Food Science and Technology

Programme Director: Prof. Paola Pittia |

Degree Course Class LM-70: Food Science and Technology


The Master study programme in "Food Science and Technology" is aimed to students with a Bachelor degree

  • interested in deepening the factors and technologies that lead to the production of high quality and safe food products,
  • able to respond to the changing consumers' needs,
  • open to the innovation needs of modern society with a responsible attention to the food chain sustainability.

The Master degree students will study and widen their knowledge on the various aspects of quality management (sensory, healthy, technology) and security of food production, regulatory, economic and marketing, research, development and innovation food products in an international environment with the tutoring and collaboration of teachers and researchers and the support of experts and professionals. In accordance with international guidelines, this study programme is developing a modern training of graduate students and future professionals in the agri-food sector with the appropriate technical and scientific knowledge and professional and personal skills able to manage and innovate responsibly food production.


Thanks to the interaction constant with the main organizations in the sector at national and international level, the Master in Food Science and Technology today is made of courses taught in English and various complementary educational activities in a dynamic framework, vocational training for those who are interested in increasing the knowledge and develop the appropriate skills to enter the world of food and agricultural products at national and international level. The Faculty of Biosciences and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment hold  a series of modern laboratories with high-tech equipment for the practice  and development of projects within the disciplines of the Master study programme and research activities and experiments carried out within the Master degree thesis project.  


Currently the Faculty has active more than 300 agreements with agri-food companies and national and international research centers to carry out internships and apprenticeships that can be supported in part by grants from the Erasmus + program.

Graduates in Food Science and Technology will be able to design and develop, manage, monitor, coordinate process and technologies within the food production at different level, from the raw material and ingredients up to distribution, as well as food service and catering. The achievement and improvement of the quality and safety of traditional and innovative foods are main aims of the skills and professional expertise of the food scientists and technologists that are complemented with those that allow them to apply analytical and instrumental techniques within the Quality Assurance and Control.  

Graduates will be able to understand, propose and manage the innovations related to the different professional activities of the sector; agri-food economy, business and entrepreneurial skills could also allow to develop a business oriented mindset and professional perspectives. Main areas of work are companies and industries of the agri-food sector at all levels, large retail companies, public and private institutes and organizations that are carrying out  analysis, control, certification and research, training institutions and professional services (consultancy, according to the National Law and the Order of Food Technologists rules).



University of Teramo

Campus di Coste Sant'Agostino

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