Course structure diagram of the First-Cycle Degree Programme in Tourism Studies

Degree Course Class No. 15 – Tourism Studies

Programme Director: Prof. Andrea Ciccarelli

First Year

Course units - Credits

Modern History        6

Business Economics    6

Geography of Tourism    12

Statistical Control and Evaluation of Services    12

General Sociology of Tourism    12

English for Tourism (intermediate level)    12

Total amount of 1st-year credits      60


Second Year

Course units - Credits

Computer Science  6

Business Economics and Tourist Business Management  12

Principles of Private Law    6

Principles of Public Law, Legislation of Tourism, Environment and Cultural Heritage          12

Photography and cinema    6

History of Art    6

French for Cultural Tourism or other foreign languages (Spanish or German)          12

Total amount of 2nd-year credits    60

Third Year

Course units - Credits

  • Sociology of Environment and Territory      12
  • History of 20th-Century Culture    6
  • Emerging Expertise and Career Opportunities in Tourism  12
  • Elective teaching/learning activities
  • Other Teaching/Learning Activities: Laboratories, Seminars or Training Events    12
  • Final Examination  6

Total amount of 3rd-year credits      60

Elective teaching/learning activities
  • The Sacred and Gender Identity in European Culture   6
  • History of European Culture     6
  • History of Tourism and Leisure Activities      6
  • Sustainable Tourism and Planning of Leisure Activities    6
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