Course structure diagram of the Single-Cycle Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine

Degree Course Class No. LM-42 – Veterinary Medicine

Programme Director: Prof. Andrea Boari

First Year

Integrated Courses  - credits

Medical Physics and Statistics       10

  • Medical Physics
  • Statistics and IT Skills

Chemistry and Biochemical Propaedeutics     8

  • Elements of Chemistry
  • Biochemical Propaedeutics and Elements of Molecular Biology

Biochemistry    11

  • Biochemistry of Metabolism and Enzymology
  • Biochemistry of Systems and Organs

General and Topographic Veterinary Anatomy    12

  • Cytology, Histology, General and Topographic Anatomy I
  • General and Topographic Veterinary Anatomy II
  • Clinical and Instrumental Anatomy

Veterinary Zoology and Ethology  8

  • Veterinary Zoology
  • Ethology

Course Units - credits

  • Foreign Language: English  7

Total amount of 1st-year credits      56

Second Year

Integrated Courses - credits

Veterinary Physiology II       9

  • Veterinary Physiology II
  • Endocrinology

Microbiology and Veterinary Epidemiology      7

  • Veterinary Microbiology
  • Veterinary Epidemiology

Animal Breeding and Economics      8

  • General Animal Breeding and Genetic Improvement
  • Economics Applied to Animal Production

Course Units - credits

  • Veterinary Physiology I  6
  • Functional Veterinary Anatomy  7
  • General Veterinary Pathology and Physiopathology      6
  • Veterinary Pharmacology   6

Total amount of 2nd-year credits    49

Third Year

Integrated Courses - credits

Special Veterinary Pathological Anatomy I    7

  • Special Veterinary Pathological Anatomy I
  • Histology and Pathological Cytology
Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Veterinary Medicine     9
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Parasitic Diseases of Animals

 Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Police Employed in Veterinary Health        10

  • Avian Pathology
  • Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Police Employed  in Veterinary Health I
  • Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Police Employed  in Veterinary Health II

Animal Nutrition and Feeding    10

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Feeding

Course Units - credits

  • Veterinary Toxicology  4
  • Elective credits      8

Total amount of 3rd-year credits        48

Fourth Year

Integrated Courses -  credits

Obstetrics, Physiopathology of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination Techniques  7

  • Obstetrics and Artificial Insemination Techniques
  • Physiopathology of Animal Reproduction

Inspection of Animal-Derived Foods: Primary Productions     8

  • Inspection of Animal-Derived Foods: Primary Productions
  • Hygiene and Technology of Animal Productions

Semeiotics and Veterinary Medical Pathology         8

  • Veterinary Medical Semeiotics
  • Veterinary Medical Pathology

Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory    7

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Imaging Diagnostic, Radiology and Veterinary Endoscopy
  • Preliminary Bases in Diagnostic Laboratory

Special Veterinary Pathological Anatomy II and Forensic Pathology    8

  • Special Veterinary Pathological Anatomy II
  • Forensic Pathology

Special Animal Breeding      11

  • Technology and Hygiene in Breeding Farms
  • Poultry-and-rabbit farming

Semeiotics and Veterinary Surgical Pathology         12

  • Semeiotics and General Surgical Pathology (referring to  large animals)
  • Semeiotics and Surgical Pathology (referring to small animals)
  • Veterinary Anatomy

Course Units - credits

  • Anaesthesiology and Veterinary Surgical Medicine  5
  • Practical Training at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Out of Hours Shifts)     8

Total amount of 4th-year credits    74

Fifth Year

Integrated Courses - credits

Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Therapy and Legal Medicine    11

  • Veterinary Clinical Medicine
  • Veterinary Medical Therapy
  • Veterinary Legal Medicine, Veterinary Legislation,  Animal Protection and Deontology
  • Veterinary Behavioural Medicine

Veterinary Clinical Obstetrics, Andrology and Gynaecology   7

  • Veterinary Clinical Obstetrics, Andrology and Gynaecology
  • Veterinary Neonatology
Inspection and Control of Processed Products of Animal Origin     9
  • Inspection of Animal Food Products: Processed Products
  • Hygiene and Technology of Animal Food Products
  • Non-Epidemic Emergency Treatment
  • Epidemic Emergency Treatment

Course Units - credits

  • Veterinary Surgery    6
  • Professional Practical Training Activities  30
  • Final Examination        10

Total amount of 5th-year credits    73

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