Final examination

Final dissertation aims at proving that each student has acquired an optimal level of independence by the students on a specific topic related to the Degree Course. The final examination consists of a written composition and oral dissertation, prepared under the guidance and the supervision of a Professor, in accordance with the Teaching Regulations of the Degree Programme. 

The discussed data will be acquired through one of the following activities:

  1. research activity, carried out in the laboratories of the Universities of Teramo or Chieti/Pescara, to develop an original research project or specific procedures and analytical methods (internal experimental dissertation);

  2. research activity related to an internship carried out in private/public research Centres which have an agreement with the University (external experimental dissertation);

  3. theoretical studies with a detailed examination of existing literature and/or case studies and research outlines (theoretical-based dissertation).


Final examination awards 12 credits after the student defends his/her dissertation in front of a Degree Board, who decide also the final vote, in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Teaching Regulations of the Degree Programme.

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