Course structure diagram of the Second-Cycle Degree Programme in Food Science and Technolgy

Degree Course Class No. LM-70 – Food Science and Technology

Programme Director: Prof. Paola Pittia

First Year
Course Units -  credits

Food Technology I       9

Food Microbiology           6

Sustainable Animal Production         8

Marketing and Management of Agro-Food Industries   6

Food Law and Legislation         6

Food Applied Biochemistry     7

Food Engineering       9

Elective Credits   4

Total amount of 1st-year credits       55

Second Year
Course Units-credits

Food Technology II         10

Chemical Analyses of Food Products   7

Industrial Microbiology   10

Crop Production for Agro-Food Supply Chain   6

Other Teaching/Learning Activities   4

Degree Dissertation: Editing and Discussion         24

Elective Credits           4

Total amount of 2nd-year credits       65

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