Current engineering approaches for controlled water subtraction in living cells/germplasm/model organisms

DryNet First Workshop
DryNet First Workshop

26 aprile 2018 - Ore 9 - Sala delle lauree - Facoltà di Giurisprudenza


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Dry preservation of cells and tissues: applications in regenerative and reproductive medicine

Wim Wolkers

University of Hannover, Germany


Mathematical modelling on living cells desiccation: the continuum, engineering approach”

Alberto Cincotti

University of Cagliari, Italy


Late Embryogenesis Abundant Proteins and reversible drying in somatic cells

Marta Czernik

University of Teramo, Italy


Developmental Potential of Dry spermatozoa Following ICSI

Luca Palazzese

University of Teramo, Italy





0.5 CFU  studenti di Biotecnologie e Reproductive Biotechnologies;  0.25 CFU studenti di Medicina Veterinaria.  



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