Labor Law Clinic

The Republic protects work in all its forms and applications. It takes care of the formation and professional elevation of the workers (Article 35, Italian Constitution)
Clinica Legale di Diritto del lavoro

The Labor Law Legal Clinic (IUS/07) of the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the university of studies of Teramo constitutes a didactic activity that offers students, directly at the university, the possibility to follow all or part of the phases of a real consultancy and/or disputes concerning labor law (meeting with the client, investigation, examination of the case and / or the subject matter of advice, preparation of documents and / or opinions, participation in the process).


Developed, in particular, at American universities, the law clinics allow students the opportunity during the course of study, to collaborate in the settlement of a dispute by supporting a professional legal counsel, with the support of the university teacher and a tutor. The objective is to integrate the theoretical study with practice, allowing the student to consolidate and improve their learning, and to deal with the environment and the legal community.


Who is it for?

The "labor law legal clinic" is aimed at students in the law faculty, located in Teramo and Avezzano. The synchronic formation between theoretical and practical aspects wants to make a greater involvement in the process of understanding the legal institutions that acquire a 'dynamic' dimension through concrete activities.


The aim is to offer a qualified legal education through interaction between theoretical and practical knowledge, improving the students' attention through active participation and providing the necessary tools for easy insertion into the legal professions.


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