Pre-courses for students of the Master degree in Food Science and Technology


  • Enrolled 1st year students;
  • Students of the 1st level/bachelor in Food Science and technology (L-26) and biotechnology (food biotechnology curriculum) of UniTE as well as other food-related studies of any university, Italian and international with planned graduation max December 2019 (see admission requirements).


  • To align the knowledge required for the courses of the 1st and 2nd year study programmes;
  • To provide students all the information on the various disciplines required to make the required progress during the studies;
  • To allow the recall of some basic concepts object of the self-evaluation test (compulsory for all students enrolled at the 1st year).


  • Deadline registration: 27/09/2019 (registration at


Registered participants will be provided of e-learning material uploaded on the virtual platform of UniTE.



30th Sept 2019
1st Oct 2019
2nd Oct 2019
3rd Oct 2019
4th Oct 2019
Introduction of the Master degree (Sacchetti, 1 h)
Food technology (Pittia, 3 h)

Food chemistry (Ricci, 1 h)
Applied physics and food equipment (Mazziotti, 3 h)
Chemical, analysis of foods(Del Carlo, 3h)

Biochemistry (Dainese, 3 h)
Master Degree Food Science and Technology
Self-evaluation test
Open discussion
Lunch break
Lunch break
Lunch break
Lunch break
- Food Technology (1 h, Pittia)

Food microbiology (Paparella, 4 h)
Analytical chemistry (Compagnone, 3 h)

Laboratory visits
Physical and sensory properties of foods (Sacchetti, 3 h)
Food hygiene (Schirone, 3 h)
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