European Criminal Justice

European Criminal Justice
European Criminal Justice

The objective of the project is to make the Faculty of Law of the University of Teramo an established centre of teaching and research in European criminal justice, with a teaching limb complemented and enhanced by a research limb.The teaching limb includes 1 an integrated programme consisting in 3 modules to be inserted in existing undergraduate courses of EU law (module no 1), Criminal Procedure (module no 2 and International Law, i.e. Human Rights in Criminal Procedure (module no 3 respectively); the objectives of the overall programme and a full description of the 3 modules, including their connections, will be explained in a brochure;  2 a Summer School aimed at practitioners and PhD students, Criminal procedure and International Law.


The research limb will take advantage of a workshop on specific issues, to be organized in collaboration with the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Teramo and the Garante Nazionale dei Diritti del detenuto, and Conference on the state of the European criminal justice. The outputs will include individual publications of the 3 scholars, to be submitted to established journals, and a co-edited book whose contributors will be scholars and practitioners. The academic added value of the Proposal lies in the integrated approach made possible by the team in charge of its implementation. It is constituted by 3 scholars with different scientific background, yet focussed on topics pertaining to European criminal justice. This integrated approach is uncommon in Italian Universities and to our knowledge, elsewhere in Europe.While dissemination in the academic community and in the community of practitiones will take place by means of publication, the proposal will take care of dissemination in the general public through Wikimedia platform: students will be encouraged to edit entries on specific topics included in “European Criminal Justice” using Wikipedia in English and Italian.



Funded under:
Erasmus + Jean Monnet Activities
Start: 24-10-2020 - End: 23-10-2023
Project Coordinator:
University of Teramo
Project Coordinator - University of Teramo:
Prof. Emanuela Pistoia
Ultimo aggiornamento: 07-02-2023
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