Admission Requirements

1. EDUCATION – 1st level/Bachelor degree

The enrollment to the Master degree programme in Science in Food Science and Technology (LM70) is open to bachelor (1st cycle) degree (3-years) graduates in the following disciplines:

A) Food Science and Technology (Italian degree class L26 - Ministerial Decree 270 or class 20 ex Ministerial Decree 509/99, or equivalent within the meaning of the Ministerial Decree of 9 July 2009) or equivalent qualification obtained abroad outside Italy.


B) Other scientific disciplines including: Biotechnology, Biological sciences, Agricultural Science and Technology, Agri-food and forestry, Chemical Science and Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, Science and technology for the environment and nature and Science and Technology Animal Production and Animal Production.


For all academic degrees the accomplishment of the curriculum pre-requisites is compulsory before the enrollment (see paragraph 2).

Other degree titles in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) could be considered upon approval of the Master degree Board.


2. EDUCATION: Disciplines and Curriculum pre-requisites

The enrollment to the Master is allowed to graduates (Bachelor, 1st level degree) having the degree titles above mentioned and have a number of credits (ECTS/CFU) documented by certificate or Diploma supplement/study programme curriculum as follows:



  • for graduates having a bachelor/1st level degree acquired in Italian universities: minimum 80 CFU (or ECTS) acquired in courses/disciplines of the following disciplines: MAT / 01-09 - FIS / 01-08 - BIO / 10-11 - CHIM / 01 - CHIM / 03 - CHIM / 06 - AGR / 01 - AGR / 02 - AGR / 15 - AGR / 16 - AGR / 19 - VET / 04 - ING-IND / 25 of which at least 20 credits of AGR / 15 and AGR / 16 or
  • for graduates having a bachelor/1st level degree acquired not in Italy) minimum 80 ECTS in the following disciplines: Chemistry (General and Organic, analytical); Agronomy and animal production, biology and biochemistry, 20 ECTS out of 80 have to be on disciplines related to Unit Operation, Food processing. Food engineering and Food microbiology.



  • English language: for students not English native speakers, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at least B2 level or equivalent (e.g. Academic IELTS or TOEFL / iBT) of english language is requested. 

Please note: 

  • Any discipline/curricular exam and corresponding ECTS/CFU reporting at A. paragraph must be acquired prior to the assessment of individual preparation (Art. 6 paragraph 1 of the Ministerial Decree of 16/03/2007).
  • For graduates with the 3-years degree title different from the Italian Food Science and Technology (L-26), is compulsory to carry out an assessment test (See section 3.) before the official enrollment that will evaluate the adequacy of the individual skills and knowledge; a positive evaluation of the assessment test is mandatory for the enrollment itself.



According to Article. 6, paragraph 2, of D.M. 270/04, it is necessary to verify the adequacy of the personal knowledge and skills of any student enrollegd at the 1st year of the Master degree. 

The test is aimed at verifying that the student has the appropriate and adequate knowledge, skills and abilities as follows:

  • Knowledge of the main biochemical and organic chemical reactions and technological processes that occur during the production, processing and preservation of food products;
  • Knowledge of the main food industry transformation processes and the interactions between production process - quality and product safety;
  • Logical and cognitive tools to understand the meaning and implications of the main operations and food technology processes;
  • The ability informed and profitable in the use of analytical techniques, including non-instrumental, for the typical characterization, quality and safety of food products;
  • Knowledge of the main economic theories, supply, demand, production and trade;
  • Knowledge and skills of interpretation of the main rules in the food sector;
  • Understanding of concepts and methods of quality in the agri-business;
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of primary animal and plant productions.


The test is made of n. 40 multiple choice questions and no. 10 open questions / descriptive. The test is evaluated by the Board of Quality Assurance Committee of the Master Degree Programme.

The test is carried out in a room of the Faculty of Biosciences, located at the University campus, Coste Sant'Agostino – Teramo that may vary according to the availability.

Registered participants will be informed accordingly.



Dates of test assessment (Academic Year: 2023-2024):

21th June 2023

21th July 2023

7th September 

9th October


For information about texts and bibliographical references for the self assessment test, please contact the Chair of the Master Degree Programme, Prof. Giampiero Sacchetti ( ).




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