Master in "International Cooperation Against Transnational Financial Organised Crime"


Giovedì 14 luglio ore 10

International drug trafficking. Main criminal organizations involved. Politics, Finance and internal security influenced by organized crime. International Cooperation

Sebastiano Vitali

Security Consultant, Higher Executivr  of National Police Corp, Former Director of the D.C.S.A. (National Directorate of Anti drug Service- Italy)  

Venerdì 15 luglio ore 9.30

FRONTEX activities contrasting smuggling of migrants

Antonio Saccone

Head of Sector in the Risk Analysis unit at Frontex


Il Master in "International Cooperation Against Transnational Financial Organised Crime"  ha già realizzato le seguenti lectures:

  • Eduardo Vetere (Former Director Division for Treaty Affaire- UNODC Vienna)
  • Gioacchino Polimeni (Magistrate and Head of the Italian Delegation at Permanent Mission of Italy at UNODC - Vienna) "The United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime (Palermo 2000): Preparatory Works. Contents and objectives of the convention. The Conference of the Parties.
  • Kristina Kangaspunta (Director UNICRI, Torino) "Money Laundering and Trafficking in Human Beings and Smuggling of Migrants".
  • Ricardo Basilico Director Escuela de Abocacia Universidad JF Kennedy, Buenos Aires) "Smuggling in South America" 
  • Salvatore Guglielmino Direttore del Servizio Polizia delle Frontiere  e degli stranieri) "Smuggling in the Mediterranean sea": routes trafficking"  
  • Svetlozar Kirilov (University of Sofia) "Transnational organized crime in Bulgaria" 
  • Walter Kego (Institute for Security and Development Policy, Stockholm) "Transnational Organized Crime in Scandinavian Areas"
  • Gualtiero Michelini (Magistrate, Rappresentanza Italliana European Commission - Brussels) "Money Laundering and Trafficking in Persons and in firearms" 
  • Alberto Perduca   (Magistrate, Former Director Eulex, Pristina) "Eulex Mission and role of justice component in the building of rule of law in Kosovo"
  • Alexandru Molcean (Institute for Security and Development Policy, Stockholm) "Money laundering and transnational organized crime with particular reference on corruption in the former USSR nations" 
  • Brian Taylor (Former UNODC, Vienna), 
  • Thomas Pietschmann (UNODC, Vienna) " Money laundering of proceed of crime deriving from drug trafficking". 

Le lezioni riprenderanno a settembre in tema di Environmental crimes  (presso l'Università di Siviglia) Financial crimes (presso l'Università di Praga)  Money laundering  (presso la A.I. Cuza Police Academy, Bucarest), Money laundering, Financial crimes, pharmaceutical counterfeiting, goods counterfeiting, documental counterfeiting/identity theft, credit card counterfeiting, currency counterfeiting, financial frauds, e-crime frauds, counterfeiting and infringment of intellectual property, Environmental crimes, wildlife crimes, pollution crimes, trafficking in artistic and archaeological patrimony, corruption and bribery, terrorism and terrorism financing, terrorism and biotechnologies (presso Università di Teramo).

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