Department of Communication Science

Communication is a main theme in today’s culture. The interest of young people for the world of communication in its various forms, from the web to the media, from advertising to the ways of public speaking, it is not a temporary fact, the result of ahasty fashion, but the awareness of knowledge suitable for a rapid and sometimes chaotic transformation, and therefore able to guide in a multicultural and globalised social world.


A knowledge that drifts away from  the strict opposition of the past between a humanistic culture proudly locked in its traditional certainties and a technical-scientific culture often interested in research, rather than a complete and diverse  training or an immediate professionalism.


The degree courses and the department of Communication Science have distinguished themselves over the years due  to the skills of its Professors, for their commitment to interpret the spirit of thechange through the curricular and  teaching innovation , and through  the variety of the didactic proposal. The Department of Communication Science aims at  reformulating the training offer also in view of  the internationalization by  intensifying personalized assistance in order to attain a university customised for  students.

In order to achieve such goals,  the University relies on prestigious Professors, a modern and efficient  location  at  Coste Sant'Agostino , linguistic, information technology and multimedia laboratories.


In recent years the department has also offered a growing number of workshops as well as  educational laboratories, which enable students to acquire specific theoretical and practical skills.

Educational courses are divided into three Degree Courses: Communication Science, Economics and Science of  Tourism, the latter two interfaculties with Political Science and two Master degrees: Management and Business Communication and Market and Corporate Finance, the latter an inter-department with Political Science.


The Master in Management and Business Communication - which is held in English, in partnership with the real business world, aims to train communication managers to able to deal with the world of  business communication  in its various components.