History of Europe from the Middle Ages to Contemporary Age

History of Europe from the Middle Ages to Contemporary
History of Europe from the Middle Ages to Contemporary

Coordinator: Prof. Massimo Carlo Giannini - massgiannini@unite.it


The PhD programme in Historical Studies from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Age aims to promote the study of historical disciplines, in relation to national specificities and common processes that, at different stages, have contributed to the formation of the present world. Special attention is devoted to the critical analysis of phenomena linked to political, religious, cultural, economic and social history on a European and global scale, also in relation to the new strands of "digital humanities" and "public history". In fact, the PhD programme aims to be a reference point for historical research applied to cultural heritage and historical dissemination through digital tools.

The target of the PhD Programme is to be a dynamic and innovative interdisciplinary reality with an international vocation, with the goal of attracting the best students, to involve the leading Italian and international experts in the fields of research of interest and to promote the international mobility of doctoral students and teachers. The PhD programme wants to train researchers able to move in an international and intersectorial horizon.
At the end of the PhD programme, each student will have to discuss an original and innovative research thesis, under the supervision of a "tutor" of the Scientific Board and with the possibility of activating international co-tutorships with a double Doctoral degree in cooperation with foreign universities.