Scholarships and Financial Support

The “Azienda per il Diritto agli Studi Universitari” (Agency for the Right to Higher Education) in Teramo, in the framework of the guidelines issued by the Abruzzo Region, plays a pivotal role in supporting outstanding students and those who are exposed topoor living conditions as well as offers to all students a wide range of services, initiatives, aids and benefits – such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Grants to accommodation costs
  • Extraordinary grants for study purposes
  • Honour grants to scientifically-outstanding final dissertations
  • Transport services
  • Cultural initiative, sports events and recreational activities in cooperation with the University
  • Services for disabled students
  • Exemption from regional fees
  • International mobility for students
  • Refectory services

Students who wish to access the services and benefits provided by the ADSU of Teramo may find further information browsing through the following website:




Translation by Francesca Rosati and Francesca Vaccarelli - Department of Political Science, University of Teramo