Surfing wirelessly at the University of Teramo is possible thanks to the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi offers the possibility to connect to the broadband Internet, through your computer or mobile device, without being physically connected to the telephone network or to a data network. The wireless network of the University of Teramo is managed by the ICT Area and is present in all teaching and study rooms, in recreational areas and in meeting rooms. The method of use is homogeneous in all the various structures. In the coverage areas there are three wireless networks:

  • wlunite
  • guest-unite
  • eduroam

The first is for regularly enrolled students and the staff, both Teacher and Technical and administrative, and the second, with web authentication, is intended for temporary external users activated upon request and in any case through the University offices of the organizers, for example, of an event.

Eduroam is an international federation of universities and research bodies ; this wireless network is aimed at external users (e.g. students and teachers of other universities, Erasmus students, etc.) belonging to bodies belonging to the federation. Similarly, a UniTE user, visiting a university or federated body, will be able to use that body's wireless service by connecting to the network of the same name.    


Login credentials

It is possible to access the wireless network of the University of Teramo - in authenticated mode - using the same credentials (username and password) used for consulting the University's e-mail. If you are a student, you can view your username by accessing the OnLine Services page.


For incoming Erasmus students (belonging to universities that are not members of the "Eduroam" federation) the credentials are: username = tax code password = PIN communicated by the University of Teramo.


To use Wi-Fi you need:

1. Portable PC with wireless LAN card that supports:

  • 802.11g (or 802.11n) protocol;
  • authentication via PEAP;
  • WPA2 / AES encryption.
Configuration parameters
Network authentication:
Data encryption:
Protected EAP (PEAP)
Authentication (password):
Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
User Name:
The username used for UniTE e-mail
The password used for UniTE e-mail
Leave it blank