Cellular and Molecular Biotechnologies

Cellular and Molecular Biotechnologies
Cellular and Molecular Biotechnologies

Coordinator: Prof.ssa Barbara Barboni - bbarboni@unite.it


Provide a thorough and updated knowledge of the molecular and functional properties of cells and transfer the latest technology for use in the biomedical field the same and their products. Cellular models are treated as a priority:

  1. gameti and embryos of mammals;
  2. cellule fetal stem cells, adult and cancer;
  3. cellular models of disease (neuro)-inflammatory, neurodegenerative and cancer.

The in-depth knowledge of molecular systems and control mechanisms of cellular function is guaranteed during the teaching and thanks to intensive basic research carried out at the laboratories available to the doctorate. The teaching and research will be aimed at developing innovative strategies for the use of molecules, cells and macromolecular systems in the biomedical field in the following contexts:

  1. nutriaceutics development of food;
  2. models in vitro and in vivo monitoring of the effects of nutraceuticals and nutrigenomici of foods, nutrients, trace elements and xenobiotics;
  3. Development of biopharmaceuticals;
  4. identification of innovative therapies "cell-free and cellbased";
  5. models for the evaluation of the bioavailability of materials of natural origin and synthesis;
  6. definition of predictive models and computational systems biology;
  7. Structural and computational analysis aimed at "drug design."