Job Placement Service

The University of Teramo runs a Job Placement Service, with the aim of facilitating graduates' transition from University into the labour market, streamlining the operating systems as well as improving the coherence between the studies carried out and the professional profiles. It also provides specific services to both graduates and businesses in order to carry out internships/traineeships aimed at entering the labour market.


The Job Placement Service offers advice and provides internship, placement and career guidance services to any newly graduate – i.e. job placement, matching between supply and demand, local production and business system, how to draft an effective Curriculum Vitae, interviews and active job seeking techniques, individual guidance. Moreover, it also organizes specific seminars and workshops aiming at providing graduates and graduating students with the tools and assistance needed to tackle entry into the labour market (e.g. how to manage a job interview, communication skills and public speaking techniques, cooperation and teamwork, leadership).



Job Placement Service – Office for Vocational Training, Promotion and Placement

Campus Aurelio Saliceti

Building G. D'Annunzio

Open on Monday and Thursday from h 10:30 to h 13:30; and from h 14:30 to h 17:30 

Phone no.: +39.0861 266250 

Email address: