Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science has as its fundamental objective to provide a high scientific and cultural preparation to adequately respond to the diversified demand for skills from both the public sector and the private sector. Through the integration of teachings of different scientific matrices (legal, historical, political, philosophical, economic, sociological, statistical and linguistic), the Department of Political Science realizes, a training program which allows to acquire cultural, scientific and methodological knowledge, in order to enable the integration in various professional fields.


In recent years the Department has been able to seize the opportunities offered by the reform of regarding the university studies by performing  an renovation that has affected its three main activity areas: teaching, research and student services.

Since the academic year 2013/14, the Department of Political Science has joined the initiative"Patto con lo studente" ("Agreement with our students") as part of the strategic planning  of the University which is characterized by a strong innovation in the university-student relationship, with particular reference to  mutual commitments, responsibilities and expectations.


The "Patto con lo studente" ("Agreement with our students" is supported by a highly dedicated e-learning platform and  by very recent technologies for different communities of learning   mainly focused on  inspired teaching and studies based on students’ knowledge.

Regarding the didactic, the Department offers a training course organized in a Bachelor's degree (three year course ) of Political Science courses and two undergraduate degree (three years) - interdepartment  with Communication Science - namely Science of Tourism and Economics. It is also offered a  Master’s Course in Political Science for International Relations and Governance and a Master  Course  - interdepartment  with Communication Science in Market and Corporate Finance.


Highly qualified teaching staff and  a number of important national academic schools are the strong points of research. For what concerns student services, the Department of Political Science is particularly careful to create a network of activities whose main focus is individual and collective tutoring, in order to promote  a better integration in planning and implementing students’ training. To this regard, the activities of the didactic manager contribute in  promoting an effective link between the University and the labour market through internships and apprenticeships.