Health Services in Italy

EU Citizens

Citizens having the right to healthcare within one of the EU Member States as well as within the European Economic Area (including Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Norway and the Switzerland), shall be given healthcare assistance in Italy as well provided that they hold at least one of the following documents:


  • the European Health Insurance Card / TEAM card;


  • a certificate (“attestato di diritto”) other than the EHIC /TEAM card to be submitted to the local health unit (ASL).

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Non-EU Citizens

Access for non-EU citizens holding a residence permit in Italy to the National Health Service may vary depending on the reasons of their stay.

Non-EU citizens who will be staying in Italy for stays of maximum three months but in any case temporarily, may have access to all emergency or otherwise essential healthcare only after paying the corresponding regional fees.

Students, au pair people and non-EU citizens holding a residence permit are required to register with the National Health Service and apply to the local health unit in the municipality of residence or, whether not yet holding a residence permit, in the place reported in the residence permit as one’s own official address.


For further information: 


Local Health Unit no. 4 / ASL4 Teramo

Bureau for Foreigners, Health District

1, Circonvallazione Ragusa – I-64100 Teramo

phone no.: +39.0861.420.288




Translation by Francesca Rosati and Francesca Vaccarelli - Faculty of Political Science, University of Teramo