Department of Law

The Department of Law of the University of Teramo is the heart of legal studies and strives to combine the best of traditional degree training law courses with the innovation needs that the development of science, technology and communication also imposes to law and legal science.


The training of the Department intends to take into account the challenges that the new generations have to face  with the establishment of the European process integration. On this basis it is expected the Master in Law, introduced by the  Ministerial Decree 25 November 2005, which reformed the legal studies courses  by providing a single five-year cycle, rather than the previous (3 + 2).


Giving attention to new professional scenarios, besides a graduate Master course  it is offered an undergraduate three year course in "Legal Services" in two curricula: Legal Job Advice and Job Safety and  Public and Legal Administration.


The Bachelor of Science in Legal Services aims to offer a professional preparation both to the  profession of consultant regarding the world's production of goods and services (curriculum in Legal Advice and Job Safety); and  the access to  specific executive positions  and therefore access  to managerial roles in the public administration and, in particular, to local Administration, Administration of Regions as well as  to  legal Administration. (curriculum in Public and Legal Administration).


Finally, the Department of Law of Teramo boasts the presence of two prestigious schools of specialization, one in the "Legal Professions" and the other in "Administrative Law and  Science Administration".