Department of Bioscience and Agro-Food and Environmental Technology

Consumers’ increasing demand for food safety and quality standards and the constant expansion of the international market have made necessary a qualitative leap in the process of preservation , transformation, distribution and food control. The realization of this goal requires more and more the intervention of highly specialized professionals able to intervene throughout  the whole food chain. These factors, and the fact that the food industry, in both the food sector and in the traditional processing of fish resources, is the economy leader in  the Province of Teramo and on the Abruzzo coast , led to the activation of the Department of Bioscience  and Agro-Food Environmental Technology with a  Bachelor Degree ( 3 year course) in Food Science and Technology and a Bachelor Degree ( 3 year course )  in Viticulture and Enology.


It has  also been filled a gap, present in central Italy, regarding  the training of experts in the field of food production able to  meet the growing needs of food industries. To the Department of Bioscience  is combined the Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology. This course aims to prepare graduates with a solid basic knowledge of biological systems and in possession of  professionality in the agro-food, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial, medical and veterinary fields.  


The Department of Bioscience can count on a substantial number of conventions for conducting curricular training, signed with companies and organizations throughout the country. Conventions affecting farms and wineries, food companies, producer groups, and control-seeking organizations, local health authorities, large retail, parks and agencies for the protection of the environment and of the territory, etc. The latest survey AlmaLaurea  in 2014, on job placement of Italian graduates, showed that 55% of those who graduated from the Department of Bioscience and Food and Environmental Technology at the University of Teramo, have a stable job one year after graduation.


This figure is even more remarkable considering that the national average level of employment for the Department of Bioscience and Agro-Food and Environmental is 45.7%, while the national average of employed graduates of all faculties is 44.1 %. Undergraduates in Food Science and Technology or in Viticulture and Enology who want to continue their studies in Teramo can register for the Master Degree in Food Science and Technology. Undergraduates in Biotechnology who want to continue their studies in Teramo can register for the Master Degree in Food Science and Technology or the one in Reproductive Biotechnology of Reproduction.