Department of Veterinary Medicine


The Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Teramo is "approved" by dell'EAEVE (the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education), the association that ensures the quality of teaching in the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Europe. This achievement is a milestone for the University and a guarantee for students who aspire to become professionals, able to compete and succeed not only in the Italian labour market but also in the European market.


The Department has articulated its didactic training  in a Master Degree in Veterinary Medicine (LM-42, five-year single-cycle), which aims to produce graduates with sound scientific  and valid  theoretical and practical skills, which are essential for the ' practice of “Veterinary M.D.” and the necessary cultural and methodological skills for a permanent training. It is also offered a Bachelor (38 L, three-year course ) in animal Welfare and Protection that aims to train, in a short period of time, a graduate who invests its professional future in the field of the welfare of wild animals and pets and those that produce food for humans.


The Department has then activated a (two year) Master inter-Department in Biotechnology of the Reproduction which consists in a collaboration between the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Teramo and the Department of Medicine, University "G. D'Annunzio "University of Chieti-Pescara. The Department participates with the Department of Bioscience and Agro-Food and Environmental Technology for  the organization of an interdepartment  degree course in Biotechnology (L-2, three years), which aims to teach professionals how to apply of  the pre-existing biotechnological methods, to participate in the development of new ones.


The Department of Veterinary Medicine has always paid particular attention to the needs of  students  who rely on a direct and continuous relationship with professors, researchers, technicians, support and administrative staff. The epartment considers a mandatory need  to upgrade professional graduates.


Thanks to partnerships with national and international research institutions  of absolute excellence and high competitiveness, the Department has initiated training programs of the third level (postgraduate courses) introducing  two PhD courses  (Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology and Veterinary Medical Science Public Health and Animal Welfare), four Graduate Specialization Schools in Animal Origin Food Inspection, in medicine and surgery of the horse, animal health, livestock and livestock products and Pathophysiology of reproduction  in domestic animals, as well as a Master (1 level inter-Department in  Management of Local Development in Parks and Natural Areas)  and Master Degree ( II level ) in Wildlife Health Management.