Animal Welfare and Protection

Animal Welfare and Protection
Animal Welfare and Protection

Programme Director: Prof. Domenico Robbe |

First Cycle Degree Programme


Passion for animals, nature and eco-sustainable food production is the main motivation to enrol on the First-Cycle Degree Programme in Animal Welfare and Protection. This degree course provides knowledge and skills for professional activities in several fields, such as the management of conventional and non-conventional breeding systems that respect animal welfare; the management of educational farms, multifunctional farms and centres for the use of service animals, including pet therapy; the management of wildlife recovery centres.


As veterinary technicians, graduates in Animal Welfare and Protection may work in medical and veterinary facilities, in the health and welfare of farmed animals, including pets and laboratory animals. The protection of animal welfare is one of the objectives of the European Union and therefore the demand for employment is becoming increasingly pressing.


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Teramo, ahead of time, will immediately recognize graduates in Animal Welfare and Protection the skills acquired in the field of pet-therapy and as paramedics for veterinary ambulances. It will also offer the opportunity to do professional practical training activities at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Faculty or at many private partner facilities.



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