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First Cycle Degree Programme


The passion for scientific disciplines in the biological field represents an important starting point so that students can get the best out of the teaching/learning activities included in this First-Cycle Degree Programme. Motivated academic staff, with specific skills in the various areas of biotechnology, will be a reliable and stimulating guide for students wishing to learn and prepare to take up job opportunities in different sectors.


The three-year Degree Programme in Biotechnology aims to develop solid theoretical and practical training through a multidisciplinary approach, which involves a progressive and parallel in-depth analysis of three main topics – i.e., biomolecules, cells and microorganisms – to be spent in different areas.

In this perspective, at the end of the second year, this degree course provides the opportunity to choose between two curricula: Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology and Food Biotechnology. The labour market in the biotechnology sector requires graduates with a modern and up-to-date cultural profile, which allows not only to be able to analyse biological processes, but also to intervene on them. In this context, the degree course updates continuously the learning and vocational outcomes also thanks to meetings with stakeholders and various representative organizations, with which it organizes training events for students and to improve graduates’ access to labour market and employability (Career Day).


This degree course has spacious and modern laboratories, both for basic biological activities and for microscopy. Furthermore, there are more than 300 agreements with companies for internships and training activities which, in addition to completing as required the educational path (e.g., carrying out the practical application training for the achievement of the degree), represent a useful contact tool between students and different working contexts.




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