DAMS: Drama, Art and Music Studies

DAMS: Drama, Art and Music Studies
DAMS: Drama, Art and Music Studies

Programme Director: Prof. Paola Besutti | pbesutti@unite.it

First-Cycle Degree Programme 


The activation of DAMS responds to needs that go far beyond the “system of the arts”. It is the ever-evolving contemporary society as a whole that expresses the need of people capable of thinking and understanding the territory and culture in a new, creative and transversal way.


We need professionals who can ask themselves and ask questions addressing multiple disciplines and fields of knowledge, and who eventually can give the best solution.

Those choosing to attend DAMS in Teramo not only seek and obtain the best today in Italy both in teaching and scientific research, but live and study in a healthy university environment, also for the quality of life, without precluding them from research and working opportunities abroad.


The educational path is coherent and qualifying. From musicology to visual and performative languages, from art psychology to sociology, legislation and management of cultural heritage and cultural activities, all disciplines aim to train a professional prepared to design, produce, organize, thus playing a leading role in the creative practices and in Italian and European cultural policy. Classroom activities are highly interactive, with discussions and exercises on case studies and project works.


The study plan is completed by laboratory activities, workshops and internships in institutions and companies consistent with this area.

DAMS trains professionals who are already able to establish themselves in the labour market, within private companies or in public bodies, at the end of the three-year cycle. The several public and private institutions of the territory, interested in the DAMS educational project, ensure fundamental professional experiences for the planning of students’ future.


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